9 Benefits of a Plantar Fasciitis Massage

plantar fasciitis massage

Relaxing music. Powerful scents. Soft hands digging into your backside. 

It’s time for your massage.

This staple of any relaxing weekend feels great. But if you’ve got a case of plantar fasciitis, the pain might make it impossible to enjoy it.

Plantar fasciitis is a debilitating condition that affects the plantar fascia of the foot. It makes walking or even standing difficult. The suffering it inflicts may seem impossible to cure.

Introducing the plantar fasciitis massage. Relief for your plantar fasciitis pain may just come in the form of an evening at the massage parlor.

Let’s take a look at just 9 of the benefits of a plantar fasciitis massage.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

First, let’s define some terms. The plantar fascia is the name for the tissue that connects your heel to your toe ligaments. This is the latinate medical term for the sole of the foot.

As you can imagine, the plantar fascia is crucial to your ability to walk. It is responsible for maintaining a proper gait and absorbing all the shock that comes with a typical walk or run. Further, it flexes your foot upwards, toward your shin. 

This is also the part of your body that determines whether you have arched soles or flat feet. A tight plantar fascia might give you high arches, whilst relaxed tissue creates flat feet.

Unfortunately, this fascia can get inflamed. And that is what causes the plantar fasciitis we’re talking about. This sometimes creates debilitating pain and difficulty standing, walking, or running.

This inflammation can occur at any point along the fascia but tends to centralize where the fascia makes its connection with the heel. Plantar fasciitis comes in two varieties.

Traction Plantar Fasciitis

The first kind, and also most common, is traction plantar fasciitis. The strain from overuse and inflammation stretches the fascia further than it can bear. This induces microtears in the tissue and surrounding muscle.

Unfortunately, these tears–and thus the pain–get the worse if you stay on your feet. Most people cannot afford to stay sitting for long enough to allow these tears to heal. This repeated agitation from standing, walking or running drives the formation of scar tissue.

Scar tissue can be painful in and of itself. But this scar tissue also degrades the integrity of the fascia. That means less blood flow to the area and a generalized weakening of these connective tissues.

Compression Plantar Fasciitis

Unlike traction plantar fasciitis, compression plantar fasciitis occurs as the result of trauma. This could happen when you step on a sharp object. It could also happen from a sharp impact to the foot’s sole, such as from a long drop.

This usually affects the heel area or the ball of the foot. In either case, plantar fasciitis is painful, and it only gets worse the more you’re on your feet.

Plantar fasciitis often starts in the form of sharp pain. This pain may not be consistent throughout the day, only returning later. After repeated stress, the sole of the foot may become so painful that a simple touch hurts.

Plantar fasciitis affects a wide range of people. It affects runners, the obese, and those who spend long days standing on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Sports therapy massages can be helpful for those who get a lot of movement on their feet. The plantar fasciitis massage is one such massage.

Plantar Fasciitis Massage

The plantar fasciitis massage may be what you need to reduce pain and promote healing. Let’s discuss the 9 ways it can do this.

Benefit #1: It Softens the Fascia

Scar tissue buildup on the fascia causes the sole to harden. This stiff fascia then becomes somewhat unresponsive. It pulls harder on the heel and reduces blood flow to the area.

With a deep tissue massage, your plantar fasciitis massage therapist can break up that scar tissue. Scar tissue is notorious for being stiff and extra sensitive to pain. After a few sessions of massage therapy, that reduction in scar tissue may help to relieve your plantar fasciitis pain.

Benefit #2: It Promotes Bloodflow

Blood does it all. It delivers nutrients and oxygens to your organs and muscles. In addition to this, it is a crucial aspect of the healing process.

Due to that scar tissue, there is a reduction in blood flow to the area. Less blood flow means the healing process slows down. Add that to a busy day on your feet, and you might have little to no time to heal.

Try out a plantar fasciitis massage to accelerate the healing process in your soles.

Benefit #3: It Reduces Pain

Few people can go without walking for long. Plantar fasciitis makes this everyday task so debilitating that you may stay off your feet more. That’s where the massage comes in.

Much of the pain you experience with plantar fasciitis is due to tension. Your sole tightens up, meaning that the flexing walking causes only makes it worse.

A plantar fasciitis massage loosens up those tense muscles and tissue. This in turn, provides pain relief. Regular plantar fasciitis massages can keep the pain at bay while promoting the healing process.

Benefit #4: It May Prevent Scar Tissue Buildup

Scar tissue forms as a result of collagen. Collagen concentrates around a wound, creating linking structures that form into that scar tissue. If left untouched, that scar tissue builds as normal and can be very difficult to remove.

A plantar fasciitis massage not only promotes healing, but it also makes it difficult for scar tissue to form in the first place. The deep tissue pressure breaks it up. Healthy, sensitive tissue goes in its place, meaning less pain and better walking comfort.

Benefit #5: It Reduces Stress

Stress and pain go hand in hand. When you get stressed, your body produces more cortisol. This creates a feedback loop of further stress, cortisol, and pain.

The first thing you think of when you think of stress relief is a massage. Even though this is focused on treatment, you’ll still get that relaxation you crave with a massage clinic you trust.

Stress relief breaks this cruel cycle. It relaxes you, reducing cortisol production. You in turn, feel better, and that only helps your healing process.

Benefit #6: It May Heal You Faster than Other Treatments

A study in 2014 suggested that patients who get the plantar fasciitis massage may actually heal faster. This was compared to other treatments and massage techniques. If you want to relieve that pain sooner than later, a massage may be in your best interest!

Benefit #6: You Can Self-Massage at Home

Perhaps you’ve scheduled a plantar fasciitis massage once a week. But halfway through the week, you notice that you’re feeling tension again. The good news is, that you can perform self-massages in between appointments to get some relief.

These won’t be nearly as effective as professional massages. However, they allow you to self-treat when the need arises.

Benefit #7: You Can Walk From the Appointment

There’s no need to fear that you’ll be in too much pain to walk post-massage. As with any massage, there will be some pressure.

However, you’ll be able to stand up and walk normally after this massage. There’s no need to worry that this massage will be painful, like Shiatsu. You’ll be back to work or play the same day.

Benefit #8: The Results Happen Soon

If you’ve tried acupuncture or cup therapy, you might not have felt the benefits immediately. Different types of therapies may take several weeks for you to feel the results. Not the case with the plantar fasciitis massage.

Generally speaking, you can expect to feel relief within a few days. Regular massages will continue to loosen that tension and promote healing. You’ll go from chronic pain in your plantar fascia to consistent relief.

Benefit #9: Other Massages Help the Plantar Fasciitis Massage’s Effect

The plantar fasciitis massage isn’t the only thing you can do to relieve your pain. It works well in tandem with other types of massages.

The body is interconnected, and tension relief in one place can reduce tension in another as well. Massages of the calves, thighs, and glutes may help to promote blood flow and release tension in your soles, too.

You can kill two birds with one stone by getting your regular massages in the same appointment. There’s no need to stall your weekly massage just to get the plantar fasciitis massage. In fact, more may be better in this case.

Schedule Your Plantar Fasciitis Massage Today

Plantar fasciitis is a debilitating condition that causes pain when on your feet. A plantar fasciitis massage may be the answer you’re looking for. Get a plantar fasciitis massage to increase blood flow, release tension, and promote healing.

There’s a massage parlor in your area. Get in contact with Spacibo massage therapy and schedule your plantar fasciitis massage today.

Why Should You Combine Massage and Enhanced Supply of Nutrients?

Active people usually require special treatments for improving their overall health. There are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can feel comfortable with yourself. It is a good idea to maintain your body condition, so you can stay strong and healthy in your daily life. Regular massage can be a great activity for your body. When it is necessary, you need to combine the massage and enhanced supply of nutrients. Both activities are very useful to support your body performance. Combining both activities can improve your health naturally. Here are some benefits that you can get from the combination of both activities.

1. Transfer nutrients to all body parts easily When you consume some healthy food products, such as fruits and vegetables, you need to distribute all nutrients to your body parts evenly. After you get enhanced supply of nutrients, you need to massage your body for getting maximum benefits from these nutrients. When your body is massaged, you can improve your blood circulation effectively. It can result on the even distribution of any nutrients from your consumption. As the result, you can feel comfortable with your own body. All parts of your body can receive all important nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins easily.

2. Reduce any injuries This is another benefit that you can get from regular massage and enhanced supply of nutrients. You can reduce any injuries or health issues that may occur on your body. When you massage yourself, you can reduce the muscle stiffness effectively. You can also accelerate the rehabilitation process for your muscle injuries. Professional massage therapists are able to help you accelerate the healing process of your injuries. Some experts recommend their patients to have regular massage because it can reduce the muscle soreness effectively. If you want to recover from your injuries quickly, you need to consider having the regular massages.

3. Manage stress and depression This healthy habit is very useful to help you manage your depression and stress. If you have problems with your life, you may want to consider taking regular massage sessions. Massage therapy is believed to be one of the best ways for relaxing your mind. Stress and depression can reduce your life quality and overall health. Therefore, you need to treat this situation as quickly as possible. Because of this reason, you need to consider using massage for reducing your stress level. Regular massage can trigger the production of endorphine hormone in your body. It is a good mood enhancement hormone for your body. They are some good reasons why you have to combine massage and enhanced supply of nutrients. The combination of those healthy activities can improve your overall health and immune system effectively. It is also a good idea to live in a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to do some regular exercises for improving your life quality. Regular exercises can help you improve your overall health and muscle development effectively. After reading this article, you should understand that you are able to get healthy body easily and naturally.

Massage and Managing Anxiety and Depression

It can be rather difficult for anyone to bear with anxiety and depression. Sometimes people who have these conditions will start to feel rather worried or uncertain about their lives in general. This can be rather hard for many people but at the same time they can easily take care of this problem by working with some special methods for coping. One good aspect of taking care of anxiety and depression can come from getting a massage. A good massage can provide anyone with a bit of additional help with taking care of their general mental issues. It is amazing to know just how a massage can do so much for the mind. It can really make a difference when it is done the right way and with more than enough care for the body in general.

Restoring a Collapsed Structure In many cases the collapse of one’s energy can be a real problem that will cause depression. This lack of energy might come as a result of a person not having the right mental faculties. In particular, a person might start to struggle with things like keeping one’s breathing or movements active. However, massages can help to restore the collapses in one’s physical structure. Part of this includes restoring and refreshing muscles over time. This in turn can cause the muscles around the body to feel a little more energetic. This should give anyone that mental boost that the self deserves during even the hardest times in one’s life.

Improved Energy The ability of a massage to restore the collapses within one’s body will make it so the flow of energy within the body will improve. This is critical for the success of the body’s needs to stay healthy and energetic. If the body is treated the right way with more than enough care then it should not be all that hard for the body to receive the energy that is required for any specific purpose. Naturally, this improvement in energy often makes it easier for the body to stay active. In addition, this concept originates from many ancient beliefs that the flow of energy is critical to one’s overall health. It is a rather unique aspect of life that could really improve one’s ability at large.

Enhance Neurotransmitters Sometimes the release of neurotransmitters that elicit feelings of pleasure and relaxation can be to key to staying healthy. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are particularly required as they will create the sensation of pleasure and comfort in the brain. In many cases people with depression or anxiety will not have enough of these neurotransmitters. If a person gets a good massage then it may be easier for the brain to stimulate the production of such chemicals in the brain. This in turn will keep the effects of depression from being any worse than they might already be. It will be a real necessary for people to take a careful look at how they can manage anxiety and depression. The ability to control these problems is important and a massage can work well to ensure that the issues of depression will be treated right before they can get to be any worse than they might have already been.

Massage and Complete Injury Recovery

Are you suffering from pain and soreness due to a recent injury? Then it is time to consider massage for complete recovery. This external healing method provides relaxation and helps reduce pain. If you exercise heavily or participate in an athletic activity then you are bound to suffer minor muscle injuries. Such injuries are not so obvious from outside but you can feel the pain and soreness in different parts of your body. If you do not treat this problem in time then it will lead to many body problems. Additionally, the pain and soreness will exist for a longer period of time and may increase in intensity. Avoid the easy solution of taking OTC medicines to get relief from such pain. It is completely unnecessary. Overdose of pain relievers causes side effects. Just go for massage and complete recovery from injury is guaranteed. An injury can lead to increased swelling, stiffness and reduced flexibility in the affected area. It impairs your ability to work normally. Your work schedule will go haywire when even simple activities become painful and you are forced to reduce your movements. If there is swelling in the muscle tissue then it indicates severe injury. If left untreated, this type of injury can increase in intensity or continue to cause physical problem for months or even years to come. You will suffer reduced motion and have problem doing your day to day activities. In some cases, it can develop into muscle tear. The injury area must be protected to avoid further complications but it does not solve the problem. A better solution for complete recovery from an injury is to take advantage of massage. It promotes faster recovery from an injury. You will find improved motion in your joints. The scar on the injury site will disappear over time. By relaxing muscles, you will be avoiding further damage to muscle adhesion. Whole body massage helps distribute nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. The positive effects of massage have been scientifically proven through many researches. Doctors always recommend combining massage as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for any serious injury. The physical and mental benefits of massage to the injured person are well documented. Massage works in other ways as well to mitigate the effects of injury. It reduces the anxiety and stress level. Body massage is very relaxing and gives good feelings. There is higher level of energy in the body due to reduced fatigue. You will find that you are able to sleep better when your body is relaxed and there is less pain and soreness from the injury. If you suffered an injury and now want to reduce your dependence on medication then include massage as a big part of your recovery program. It is known to improve immunity by stimulating natural defense system of the body. Massage is highly recommended for sportsperson who participate in athletic activities. Even lay persons who have to do strenuous works and people who do heavy workouts are advised to use massage to recover from minor injuries. In case of a major injury, massage should be combined with the main treatment after consulting the doctor.