Crossfit training is a constantly varied, high intensity and functional movement group of exercises which can be scaled to any kind of body, age and level of fitness. Defining what we mean:

Constantly varied

The Exercises need to be changed regularly, not letting the body get used to a certain workout.

High Intensity

Intensity is the process of creating power. The basic objective is to train people to run faster, carry more weight, flip a tire faster and do more push ups. All these need to be done by maintaining a proper technique.

Functional Movements

Simple movements that one does in his day to day life like pulling the body up, deadlifting, squatting, etc are got done. The functional movements are encouraged not for physical strength but to improve hormonal and neurological responses which eventually lead to better health, core stability, flexibility and agility and better health.

Cross Fit trainers usually do not follow any customary training guidelines. The trainers create their own workout routine without any kind of research with is counter to the established principles of exercises. A properly designed and supervised program can improve power, strength, motor skills, physiologic status and psychosocial well being of any individual. As with most exercise, it can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in youth. Crossfit proudly holds the honours of an aggressive exercise program currently available in the marketplace. A Cross Fit trainer does not keep track of their exercise volumes nor do they periodize training programs. As a result exercises implemented by trainers are usually improper and hard-line which increase the risk of injury in athletes.

Massage is the best way to get relief from injuries.

Sports massage can help all kinds and all levels of athletes. Whether you exercise or play sports to keep yourself fit, train to compete or just do general cross fit exercises, massage can relieve you from all kinds of injuries. Massage is useful during training, post or pre event and for ongoing management to help you improve your performance and prevent injury. What Are the Benefits of Massage?

  1. Promotes faster recovery
    Decreasing the muscle tension and improves flexibility
  2. The onset muscle soreness can be reduced
  3. After an injury, circulation and lymphatic flow is enhanced.
  4. Massage improves your overall well being and the synergy in which your muscles function.

After a Cross Fit workout, some athletes feel tightness in neck and shoulder areas. Ignoring this will lead to further serious injuries. Over time with lots of training and muscle release exercises, the muscles will be subjected to higher risk of strain. Consistant massage at the proper time can help in improving the strength and flexibility of muscles. Tennis players often injure their elbow and wrist which can also be treated through massages. The pain is usually observed in arm, wrist, elbow and hand. Extensor muscles of forearm, mobile wad, extensor digitorum and extensor Capri ulnaris are the muscles which are commonly injured. While every kind of massage can effectively perk up the circulation and heighten relaxation, through the release of serotonin which works as a natural pain killer and mood booster, Sports Massage can significantly help those people whose tennis elbow hurts as a result of playing tennis. The massage therapist focuses on these bothersome area which relieves pain and naturally promotes flexibility. The muscle soreness also will be abridged if the massage is performed before or after the exercise. Golf is another game which requires rigorous movement of wrist and other muscles of the body. Being in proper shape and posture is very important to prevent injuries while playing golf. To find your perfect golf swing, you will need regular corrective massages. Good posture can improve golf performance and also reduce the chances of elbow injuries. Good spinal position is very vital to ensure safety of muscles. Common areas of injuries of golf players are lower back, elbow, wrist and shoulder. The golfer swings his clubs with extreme force and as a result muscle cramps become very common. This is a warning that something is not completely right. If you have muscle spasms and muscle cramps, you will face extremely painful condition. Sometimes the muscle spasm becomes so serious that it results in bruise on the skin. Muscle cramps and muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of muscles. If a muscle spasm is serious, they do not get released automatically. It requires manual stretching and massage to help reduce the pain. This lengthens the shortened contracted muscle. You will need a professional’s help to have deeper look at the situation and find the source of why you are experiencing muscle spasm. An experienced therapist helps you in identifying these problems and recommend exercises for correcting the situation. What Is Fascia? Fascia is a tissue which binds and holds everything in the body. The fascia surrounds every bone, nerve, muscle, blood vessel and organ in the body. Immovable and restricted fascia can cause muscle problems, dysfunctional movements and extreme pain. It can show up anywhere in the body. Myofascial (muscle fascia) release is a restorative massage technique which is designed to prevent muscle injury, muscle spasm and pain which are caused by poor postures while playing tennis and golf. Every Myofascial release session is performed directly on the skin without applying any oil, cream and machinery. This helps the therapist to detect fascial restrictions and then apply required amount of pressure to facilitate release of fascia. Therapeutic massage is designed to restore balance in the body. Poor posture of the body and weakness in specific areas result in injuries in certain regions of the body like wrist, shoulder and back. If you feel any pain during or after playing games, you surely need a professional therapist to evaluate you. Loss of flexibility is the common limitation which most of the athletes face and is one of the major causes of injuries too. The massage techniques focus on stretching, movement therapy to ensure corrective measure and increase the stability of the body. Playing with pain is the worst experience any player would fear. Appropriate massages can cure it all.