What Is It – SCENAR Therapy ?

SCENAR is an abbreviation from the name of the unique method of influence on the human body and the device used for the purpose. The mode of action on the human organism is self-controlling energo-neuro-adaptive regulation, the name of the device is self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulator. The device was developed as a part of a secret Soviet space program. The goal was to create a small, portable, energy economical but most importantly, highly effective device, which could keep the health of the astronauts in top form, and not making use of standard medicines – one universal non-invasive regulator of body functions. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and zonal contact massage and the achievements of modern electrotherapy, SCENAR brilliantly combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East, and has brought the highest of state awards to its creators. The original SCENAR devices and treatment protocols were invented and designed by A. Revenko and A. Karasjev and were produced by ZAO OKB RITM – at the special design office. SCENAR became available to the broad medical community after the breakdown of the USSR and has since been gaining increasing acceptance and application throughout the world. Technology In the base of electrotherapeutic action and in particular – of the electrotherapeutic action of SCENAR, lies the neuro-adaptive mechanism of adaptation, which ensures dynamic equilibrium of the human organism, both with the surrounding environment and with its internal environment – the homeostasis, i.e. the state of being healthy. The regulation of all vital functions is realized because of the close connection and interaction of the nervous and the endocrine systems, the effects of which are mediated through a release from the neural cells of biologically active substances called neuromediators (NM) – classical neuromediators – amines (acetylcholine, noradrenaline, etc.) and amino-acids (glutamine, asparagin, etc.), which are characteristic of the thick myelinated A- and B-neural fibres and have a clearly defined (quick and short) physiological effect; neuropeptides (NPs) – the largest and at present most important group of NMs from a physiological and medical point of view – endorphins, enkephalines, neurotensine, bradikinine and a great number of others (more than 2000 in all). The NPs are the main NM for the thin non-myelinated C-fibres, which are particularly difficult to excite (activate). These peptidergic (producing NPs) fibres make up the major part (more than 70%) of the nervous tracts. Contemporary science has already unambiguously proved that due to their specific properties (long lasting and extended in time and distant in place effect, formation of complex regulative chains and cascades for the control of multiple physiological functions, powerful analgesic effect etc.) the NPs – these endogen own for the human body pharmaceuticals carry out all autoregulatory and autotherapeutic processes focused on the maintenance and restoration of homeostasis, i.e. the state/ condition of health in the organism. That is why, the main goal of electrotherapy is that a maximal part of the nervous tissue is activated, by activating the peptidergic (producing NPs) C-fibres, which should result in the release of an effective dose of NPs, which are necessary for overcoming the disturbances existing in the organism. This goal can be achieved only to a certain extent by the conventional methods of electrotherapy: – due to the non-physiological character of their impulses, in form and duration, an excitation of the thick A-fibres is mainly achieved, whilst it is practically impossible to activate the extremely thin C-fibres without the risk of damaging the remaining tissue. – the process of habituation of the organism to similar impulses brings about, comparatively quickly, a decrease of their therapeutic effect.

Why is SCENAR more effective?

We know that the human skin and the inner organs have a tight connection through the nerve system. This connection already exists from the early stage of embryogenesis onwards, because both the nerve system and the skin are created from the same leaf of the young embryo, the ectoderm. The nerve branches, in their turn, are connected to every inner organ. It is known that because of these connections, the nerve system plays an important role in the regulation of the activities and states of the inner organs. Thanks to the reasons as mentioned above, it is possible to regulate the state of the inner organs through the skin. The SCENAR devices are used to affect the skin on those places that will lead to the specific regulation of inner organs, for example to treat diseases. It is necessary to point out that the regulation of the inner organs through the skin is only one important effect of the treatment process. There are more aspects, and one of them is humeral regulation. During its appliance on the skin, SCENAR is affecting the C-fibres of the nervous system. As a result, the channels of the C-fibres are easily opened and a huge amount of neuropeptides, like endorphins, are excreted from these fibres. These neuropeptides are spread all over the body in a quick way. And we know that neuropeptides are the natural medicine for all pathological processes in the human body. Yet another important effect of SCENAR therapy is the successful training of the adaptive reactions (Garkawi, Kwakina). Adaptive reactions are unique, non-specific reactions of the body or any kind of stimuli that could affect health. When the adaptive reactions are well trained, the body can heal itself and prevent the development of a wide variety of diseases. When operating, SCENAR works through the principle of biofeedback. The system is measuring the activities of the various skin areas. Thanks to this, we can find the right places for treatment and define the specific treatment parameters. The original SCENAR devices and treatment protocols have been designed and are produced and taught in licence of the inventors: J. Grinberg, J. Gorfinkel, A. Karasjev and A. Revenko. SCENAR application is indicated at any stage in treatment of the following diseases: Nervous system (various diseases of the vertebral column with secondary disorders of the nervous activity, static and dynamic’s disorders of the vertebral column, deformation of the spinal column, radiculitis, neuritis, strokes and their consequences, diseases of the vegetative nervous system etc.); Skeletal-muscular system (myositis, arthritis, arthrosis, bruising of the soft tissue, at the fractures at different stages of the process); Respiratory system (tracheitis, bronchitis, viral infection, pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchial asthma); Cardio-vascular system (angina, hypertonia, hypotonia, various form of arrhythmia), vessels of the extremities (endarteritis, varicose veins, disturbance of micro-circulation, trophic ulcers); Digestive system (gastritis, enteritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis); Genito-urinary system (pyeloneophritis, cystitis, disturbance of the cycle, adnexitis, infertility, toxicosis in pregnancy); Tooth and mouth cavity diseases (periodontosis, periodontitis, arresting of inflammation and complication after the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis, arresting pain syndrome); Other pathological conditions and their combinations. The Effects of Scenar Action (SCENAR-Therapy) Considerable improvement of the general state with an increase in the adaptive ability of the organism; Returning disturbed functions back to normal; Speeding up and slowing down the manifestations of pathological processes; Pain-killing; Anti-inflammation; Anti-allergy; Anti-swelling; Normalization of the vascular and blood functions; Endocrine-immunity response of the organism; Normalization of the metabolic processes. The effects are traced and confirmed by additional methods of the investigation (ECG, REG, EEG, x-ray, CT, U-Sound irido-diagnostics, bio-chemical investigations, electro-information investigation, computer acupuncture diagnostics – Nakatani, Voll, auricle-diagnostics).

Who Are the Users of the SCENAR Device?

Today the users of the SCENAR in Russia are medical doctors and medical personnel with more then 30 specialities, including neurology, therapeutics, surgery of different specializations, traumatology, gynaecology, obstetrics, oto-rhino-laryngology, odontology, sport medicine, physiotherapy, resuscitation and others. The device was designed to be used by housewives, engineers, office clerks, and other specialists without medical background, and also on ferries, on liners, in aeroplanes, in cars, etc.


As the device moves over the surface of the skin a comfortable tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions the sensations may be stronger…
Patients having SCENAR treatment need to take responsibility for their health and are advised to actively participate in the treatment and recovery process. The chemical compounds released by the nerves affect not only the problem areas, but also circulate in the blood, treating other areas of the body. This goes some way to explain how old and often forgotten problems are brought to the surface for treatment.
In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides, SCENAR action must be given quite often. For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process, treatment needs to be intensive; ideally once or even twice daily. For chronic conditions treatments are ideally given several times a week initially, reducing as things improve.
If you are receiving treatment from your doctor it makes sense to inform him or her about SCENAR therapy. Treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some medication – under the supervision of your doctor of course.
In treating chronic conditions, occasionally a healing crisis may occur (experienced as a complete lack of energy and malaise) due to the body getting rid of toxic energy too rapidly. There are techniques that can be used with SCENAR to manage this. Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women with immediate injuries and especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury. Do not shower or bath for two hours before and after SCENAR Therapy, as the optimal effectiveness of the treatment will be disturbed by the washing of the skin.
As the SCENAR impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging and safe. Only people with cardiac pacemakers cannot be treated.
Only the SCENAR combines energy measuring functions along with real-time feedback and constant adjustment, to deliver the correct type and amount of energy to the body. This means each impulse is different from the previous one, so the body is unable to adapt to the signal. The SCENAR impulse is high amplitude, so it stimulates C-fibres which make up about 85% of the nerves in the body. This explains the rapid effectiveness of SCENAR treatment on the whole body.